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3INA Mascara and So Much More!

3INA [pronounced Mina] is one of my favourite brands, because their whole vibe is about bright colours and expressing your personality through your make-up looks. They believe in playing with colour and texture and shimmer and shapes, and their models aren’t just one type of cookie-cutter generic girl –they’re unique and having fun!

The products come in sleek, cool packaging and the insides are just as awesome: 3INA make up is paraben-free, cruelty-free, made with ethically-sourced ingredients, and vegan where possible –and I had lots of fun trying out some of their bestsellers. [Law and Order voice] These, are their stories. [dun-dun!]

The 3-in-1 foundation is a primer, concealer and longwear foundation –all in one bottle. It contains Vitamin E and has SPF 15, as well. 3INA is committed to making foundation in shades for everyone’s skin tone, with 24 shades so far. I loveddd the way it blends, giving coverage but with a suuuper natural finish.

I L O V E the colour-combos happening in their eyeshadow duos. They’re highly pigmented, longlasting, won’t crease, and they apply amazingly wet or dry!

Their eyegloss is incredible! It doesn’t dry sticky, and can be used as a clear gloss on its own or you can layer it under or on top of your eyeshadow to add a creamy glossy layer to the pop of colour. It’s so much fun to play with, and can totally take all your eyeshadow looks to a whole new level!

If I had to choose an absolute favourite, it would be the coloured mascara. It’s very rare that a coloured mascara can be layered on top of another mascara, and it’s even more rare that it would actually build lash volume. Usually a coloured mascara will give bright colour and then you miss out on the volume from you regular mascara, or it gives good body but it takes a million layers before you can actually see the colour. Thie 3INA coloured mascara does it all! It comes in 7 different shades –including pink, royal blue, yellow and purple. All of which can be layered on its own but also work if you already have your regular fave mascara on (like I did) and you just wanna add a pop of colour on top!

xoxo Andrea ♡

blogpost and images by: Andrea

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