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The Do’s and Don’ts of Eye Cream

We all know how important it is to look after the thin, delicate skin around our eyes.  After all, it’s the part of our face that shows the signs of aging first!

But what’s the best way to apply your eye cream? Do you tap, dab, or massage it in? Everyone puts on their eye cream a little differently, but is there a superior application method that should actually be followed when applying an eye cream? According to dermatologists, how you apply your skincare products can make all the difference.

Olay, the world’s No.1 facial skincare brand, shares the real dos and don’ts to bear in mind when applying eye cream:

Tap and/or massage – A soft massage or patting around the eyes works well when applying eye cream. You can press the cream in; you can try light, sweeping strokes; or you can even put it on a cotton round and leave it on under your eyes for a couple of minutes so that the skin absorbs it better.

Put on too much – The more the merrier? This is not the case when it comes to eye cream, as using large amounts of this type of product won’t make it more effective. In fact, the cream can actually seep into your eyes and irritate them. Instead, put a pea-sized dab on your ring finger, then dot it on your brow bone and about a half inch underneath your eye.

Let it sink in – Give eye cream about a minute (or longer, if possible) to absorb before you put makeup on top of it. That way, your powder or concealer won’t cake up from the extra emollient base in the eye cream.

Pull at your skin – Always keep in mind that the skin under your eyes is a different structure from the rest of your face; it’s more delicate. So if you find that you’re really moving your skin around when you rub the cream in, you’re probably being too rough.

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