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New Beauty Products – What’s New in My Beauty Room

I’m always love sharing new products with you guys, so I thought I’d round up a few new faves that I’ve been enjoying. 

First up is the new Johnsons vita-rich body creams. Available in three amazing scents; grape seed, papaya and rose water. These creams smell divine (grape seed is my fave), they are fast absorbing, lasts all day and makes your entire body smell amazing! RSP: R39.95.

Second on my list of faves is Garnier’s Micellar water, now I know this isn’t a new product but it’s the first time I’ve purchased the travel size bottle and it’s honestly amazing. Perfect for makeup bags, handbags or to keep next to your bed for late night makeup removing. RSP: R28.95.


We all have our favourite mascara…you know the one; the one we swear by for come hither eyes. But every once in a while, your favourite mascara needs a helping hand…like when you want try out a hot yoga class after work, or its really hot and humid outside and you don’t want your mascara to smudge. 

Well Yardley have introduced a quick fix with their new Raincoat Mascara. The invisible, clear top coat mascara that transforms your favourite mascara from conventional to waterproof!

Simply apply your favourite mascara and allow it to dry. Then apply Yardley Raincoat Mascara to lock in your look, all day. The ultrafine bristles make it easy to apply over any mascara, and our formula is flexible and doesn’t harden when it does, but rather adds a glossy shine to your lashes. You can also use it to shape and set your eyebrows! RSP R99.95.

New shades from Morgan Taylor! The 2018 Fall collection introduced some stunning new shades, all warm, rich and vibrant in colour. The Navy Blue shade has a shimmer snad is called “Ole My Way” and the Orange Red Creme shade is caled “Don’t Break My Corazon”.

The range is inspired by the colour and passion of the streets of Spain. RSP: R145 per bottle.

See the behind the scenes video here



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