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Big Mac celebrates turning 50 with the launch of its exclusive Fashion Collection

Gert-Johan Coetzee, designer to the stars, glamorously commemorates the golden 50th anniversary of the iconic Big Mac burger with an exciting and sassy Big Mac Fashion line. The ‘club culture’ trend taking over the high fashion streets across the country was the inspiration for the collection.

“Celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Big Mac – an iconic sandwich in South Africa and across the world – meant we had to do something extraordinary to honour this huge milestone. The collaboration with the designer extraordinaire Gert-Johan Coetzee was exactly the exciting edge for us. The fashion line is a celebration of the people that enjoy this iconic burger and the pop culture that McDonald’s, as a brand is a big part of,” expressed Daniel Padiachy, McDonald’s SA Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

With the arrival of McDonald’s in South Africa in 1995, the Big Mac quickly became the trusted go-to McDonald’s meal for many in the country. Gert-Johan Coetzee is world famous for working with celebrities and big brands. Speaking on why he wanted to create a fashion line with McDonald’s, Gert-Johan emphasized, “The Big Mac is such an iconic product around the world, and I am very excited to be adding my explosion of pop-culture inspired streetwear to a glamorous collection that I believe will come as a great surprise to everyone.”

The must-be seen Big Mac 50th Fashion Collection was showcased during Gert-Johan Coetzee’s show at this year’s SA Fashion Week, in Sandton City on Thursday, 12 April.

To celebrate the Big Mac with everyone, McDonald’s is introducing the new Grand Big Mac and Mac Jnr to their menu for a limited time only. These two different-sized burgers are for those who just want to Big Mac a little and those who want to Big Mac a whole lot.


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