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Going Vegan? #GiveUp

For more than 13 years, Procter & Gamble (P&G) has been helping to save lives by providing clean drinking water to families through the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Programme and for the second year in a row, P&G is partnering with Massmart to ensure even more Purifier of Water sachets get to South Africans in need – so what does this have to do with me going vegan you ask?

Well, ahead of World Water Day on 22 March, P&G have challenged me to #GiveUp one thing I love that requires water in order to raise awareness.

Now if you didn’t know, beef is one of the most water-intensive meats. On average it takes 15,400 liters of water to make 1kg of beef – with 99% of that related to animal feed. So I thought, why not give up red meat all together and try being vegan? AND once my challenge is completed P&G and Gift of the Givers will match the litres of water I’ve saved and donate it to a community in need.

This year P&G South Africa has partnered with Massmart to help raise donations of clean water for needy communities. From 14 February to 10 April 2018, every person who purchases a P&G product at a Massmart store – Game, Makro, Lion, Cambridge, Rhino and Jumbo – will also be donating one day’s worth of clean drinking water to people who need it. Last year, this partnership helped to raise 1.2 million days of clean water, which is equivalent to 2.4 million litres of water.

It’s really a no brainer and I’ll be documenting everything on my instagram, facebook and twitter.

Info-graphic on how much water it takes to produce everyday products

How can you help?

  • From 14 February to 10 April, for every P&G product you buy at a Massmart store (Makro, Game, Rhino, Jumbo and Cambridge stores), P&G through the CSDW programme will donate one day’s worth of clean drinking water to South Africans who need it.
  • Use water responsibly
    • In the laundry room: wash only full loads and avoid re-washing by using the right detergent, not overfilling, and cleaning your machine
    • In the bathroom: 2 min shower, “military style” shower, buckets,  2 in 1 products, etc.
    • Around the house: fix leaks, re-use grey water,
    • In the garden: use a broom to clean patios / decks, mulch plants, plant water-wise plants, use grey water etc.


More on the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Programme (CSDW)

CSDW is a global initiative that addresses this. Established in 2004, the programme focuses on distributing P&G’s Purifier of Water packet to those who lack clean water in more than 90 countries. With only a bucket, a spoon, a cloth, and a four-gram P&G packet, families can purify 10 litres  of dirty water in just 30 minutes. This is enough drinking water for a family of five for one day.

Key points of the programme:

  • Each P&G Purifier of Water sachet contains the power of a water treatment plant into a packet the size of a teabag.
  • P&G works with more than 150 partners to distribute P&G Purifier of Water sachets to people in 90 countries who lack clean water every day or during emergencies.
  • CSDW has provided more than 13 billion litres of clean drinking water, helping to save thousands of lives. Over six billion litres have been provided in Africa.
  • The P&G Purifier of Water packets are simple to use. With just a four-gram sachet, a bucket, a cloth, and a spoon, 10 litres of dirty water can be purified in just 30 minutes.
  • In South Africa, CSDW is working with Gift of the Givers to assist in distributing the sachets to communities who need it most.


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