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We’ve Adopted! Introducing our new rescue pups!

A few weeks ago we adopted these two adorable rescue pups. My mom actually surprised us with the two new additions – much to the cats dismay.

With new pups comes a whole lot of work, I’m talking potty training, feeding hours and of course lot’s of running around, either after them or away from them.

Literally the day after adopting the pups, the first thing I did was contact Hills SA – the experts on pet care. Not only was Hills kind enough to send through a stunning dog bed and food voucher, but they also advised me on which puppy food to get and how to take care of the little ones.

I’ve since been feeding them Hill’s Science Plan Puppy, mixed with a little water (they love it). The Science Plan Puppy formulas should be fed from weaning until maturity at 1 year old. The daily amount for the little ones is about half a cup each but this amount will be adjusted as they get bigger.

Key Benefits of the Science Plan Puppy?

  • Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system.
  • With omega-3 and optimal mineral levels for mobility and skeletal development.
  • High quality ingedients for gentle, healthy digestion and great tase. 100% guaranteed.

AND I was lucky enough to receive another dog bed when going to buy the girls food. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Hills Facebook page for special promotions, you might just be in luck and score some adorable pet merch.

Needless to say, the pups love their beds. The beds are also easy to clean and come in stunning patterns.

Oh and their names? We’ve decided to call the white one “Peppermint” but “minty” for short and the brown one “Biscuit” – together they are Peppermint Biscuit 🙂

October is also Pet Obesity month, here’s some advice from Dr Guy Fyvie, Hill’s Veterinary Advisor: “Ideally feed the puppies with a quality puppy food according to their daily requirement (not their daily requests!). It’s important to avoid puppies becoming overweight, as they will then be far more likely to struggle with their weight throughout their life. It’s even more important for large breed pups not to grow too rapidly as that can lead to joint problems.

Should you notice your puppy is becoming overweight, reduce the amount of puppy food. Remember that the recommended daily allowance is a guideline, each individual pet has its own requirement. So, if you pups gain weight too rapidly, or don’t pick up weight reassess the amount they are fed.”

The girls have been to the vet for their first rounds of shots and we took the cats as well to check their weight in honour of Pet Obesity month (I was abit worried about our black cat, she loves food) but the vet assured us that they’re all healthy.


Will be posting a vid of the pups soon, so be sure to keep an eye out.


We’ve Adopted! Introducing our new rescue pups! Comments

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