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Let go of the crappy and breathe in the happy with Poo-Pourri

Everybody else does it, it’s only natural! Don’t let something as silly as bathroom odour hold you back. Let go of the crappy and breath in the happy with Poo-Pourri ‘Before-You-Go’ Toilet Spray, now available in South Africa.

A pure blend of 100% natural and earth-friendly ingredients, Poo-Pourri is a revolutionary toilet spray that creates an odour-trapping barrier on the surface of the water, stopping odour before it begins… seriously! Poo-Pourri will leave the bathroom stink-free, guaranteed!

Poo-Pourri combines the pleasant scents of nature with eco-friendly, stink-fighting good stuff (and a pinch of magic) that conventional air fresheners can only envy:

  • NO synthetic fragrance
  • NO alcohol
  • NO aerosol
  • NO parabens or phthalates
  • NO formaldehyde
  • SAFE to breathe and to flush
  • Environmentally aware, we care about the world we poop in.

No more stinking up the shared toilet at work, at a party or your lover’s apartment. Trap those odours at the source and save your relationships. Besides, you ‘ve got more important things to worry about!

Poo-Pourri retails from R139 and is available at all Dis-Chem Pharmacies, selected Clicks stores, Wellness Warehouse, independent Pharmacies and online at Takealot.com.

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