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Introducing Kahvé Road, the ultimate coffee experience

Kahvé Road, premium coffee and patisserie specialist have opened in Cavendish Square on the ground floor and they’re offering customers the ultimate coffee experience with an array of delicious delicacies. The retro chic eatery boasts a variety of daily indulgences from delicious gourmet taste combinations and a host of premium coffee blends that are bound to keep you running back for more.

  • All Day Breakfast: The eggs benedict is life-changing and a must-have. Served on a croissant with a perfectly poached egg and hollandaise sauce with your choice of cured lamb, smoked salmon or fried garlic chili spinach.
  • Gourmet Café Classics: Try Kahvé Road’s highly requested Butter Chicken Curry or the popular trio of sliders which includes a coriander lamb, crumbed chicken and harissa falafel slider, served with a tasty garlic mayo dip.
  • More Coffee Please: Perfectly roasted under the most precise conditions, the coffee at Kahvé Road is like no other, it’s a complete experience. Stop by and sample their signature Petra house-blend which is a medium light roast and has aromas of caramelized berries.
  • Beverage Taste Explosion: Kahvé Road’s Red Rooibos flat white is made with a unique spiced infused rooibos blend, whilst their new Dark Road Milkshake is made with pure cocoa, homemade ice cream and roasted white, chili chocolate. You’ll also want to try their cold brew range, which is brewed in-house with 100% natural ingredients.

Sit back, relax and let Kahvé Road take you on a journey, with premium coffee and gourmet cuisine – it’s a taste experience you won’t want to miss.

For more info of the Kahvé Road experience visit the website http://kahveroad.com/ or follow their social media handles for regular updates.

Located on the ground floor, opposite Aldo in Cavendish Square.



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