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Mother’s Day continues, Ladies!

Since it is the month of Mother’s day, Clicks saw it fit to celebrate all mommies, aunties and mommies-to-be with the annual Clicks Baby Event which took place on Tuesday the 17 of May 2017 at The Vineyard Hotel in Newlands.

And what an absolutely lovely event it was. I had such a wonderful time sipping tea, stuffing my face and talking about all things baby with the other mommies because, let’s face it, even when we moms get a chance to ‘wine’ down and relax, all we ever end up doing is talk about our little ones. Clicks allowed us to do this completely guilt free.

I never realized how empowering it would be to have moms from all walks of life under one roof, especially when one of them was none-other-than the beautiful Modern Mommy herself, Joanne Strauss. She was so down-to-earth, funny and ridiculously beautiful! We also had the privilege of listening to a speech from parenting expert Meg Fourie and got serenaded close to tears by singer Jeremy Olivier. What a treat!

Every mom knows that clicks is the holy grail of baby products – from birth to pregnancy and beyond, they cater to all our needs. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I heard that they are expanding their Clicks Made 4 Baby ranges in clothing and foods. Clicks is introducing new super cute characters to their baby cutlery, crockery and sippy cups such as a pink giraffe, a blue fox and my favourite; a grey koala bear! Which I personally think is perfect for those wanting to buy gender neutral products! Plus grey is chic, so thank you Clicks!

Oh and guys, as if Clicks couldn’t get any better at catering to the needs of us modern mommies, they are now expanding their baby food range by adding new puree’s, cereals and juices! They are completely free from preservatives, colourants, flavourants AND contain no added starch, sugar or salt. Also how cool is the new packaging?

You will also see the Clicks Made 4 Baby branding now on their mommy products (breast pads, nipple cream, maternity pads – all things I am glad I won’t be needing again for the couple of years…hopefully).

The one thing that I am most excited about, is the new Baby Dove Range that Clicks is launching in stores this June. Some of my favourite moisturizers and soaps are from Dove: I can only imagine how amazing the Dove for Baby range is going to be!

I can go on and on about how amazing Clicks is in their product selection for babies and moms, but we would run out of time and I would run out of words. Clicks is my number one store to shop at when I am looking to pamper myself and treat my skin and body. But when I fell pregnant, the baby isle became like my second home and I love it! Clicks makes making tough decisions easier as a mother with their trusted brands, products and their amazing mommy community.

I had a wonderful time at the Clicks Baby Event. For me, it felt like an extension of Mother’s Day. I got to dress up, mingle and eat copious amounts of sweet and savory treats all while getting my nails painted at the Sorbet bar – perfection! Like Jo-Anne Strauss said we should all start changing Mother’s Day into ‘’Mother’s May’’ and get spoilt like this the entire month!


Words by Tyler Henry, follow her on instagram @tylerxhenry

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