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Shoutout To Scheckter’s New Look

I’m all about the all-natural, no-sugar, no-coffee life, but when it’s been a couple days without proper sleep and I’ve gotta go outside and be a real person.. I’ll turn to anything to stay alert. So these Scheckter’s  energy drinks came at the perfect time for me. They arrived in a box with a tote bag and a slab of tomato seeds! The 80mg cans are slim and designed to look like they’re made of cork instead of tin.  

They’re non-GMO, certified organic and full of sustained energy, offering the same amount of caffeine as a good espresso, without the wild buzz of a coffee high! The drinks come in refreshing flavours that I would enjoy even if I didn’t need an energy boost (but let’s be real, an energy boost is always welcome).

The Original flavour is filtered sparkling water with a delicious pomegranate-elderberry juice. The energy boost comes from with a unique blend of guarana, ginseng extract, organic green tea and raw green coffee beans. Scheckter’s Lite uses agave nectar and has the same delicious pomegranate taste, just with 30% fewer calories. 


The drink also comes in two new flavours: Green Tea & Mint, which tastes like green tea and endearmints. It’s really light and just the right amount of sweet. and Green Tea & Ginger, which tastes like ginger beer and green tea. A really fun play on two of my favourite drinks. Each of the flavours are delicious and refreshing to drink, especially on the go. They really helped me get through the day without even remembering that I was borderline dead when I woke up that morning (lol). 

You can find these drinks at Woolowrths, Clicks, Dischem, Spar, wow this is a long list isn’t this just everywhere, Pick n Pay, Wellness Warehouse and selected Food Lovers, at R19,95 per can. 


xoxo Andrea ♡

Blogpost and images by: Andrea




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