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New Hill’s Stews “Open Up A Can And Rev Up Delicious”

Hill’s are now offering a new delicious gourmet meal that your pet is guaranteed to enjoy. My two kittens were sent a little taste of the new Hill’s Stews (that arrived in the cutest press drop) and they absolutely loved it!

The stew provides the perfectly balanced nutrition you expect from Hill’s. Each tin contains gently cooked, bite-sized pieces of chicken or tuna, tender vegetables in an irresistible sauce. Made with real spinach, carrots and rice, Hill’s Stews are ideal as a complete meal, a tasty topper, or special treat.


As well as the scrumptious Hill’s Science Plan and Ideal Balance stews for healthy cats and dogs, there are also selected Hill’s Prescription Diet stews available to provide clinically proven, therapeutic nutrition as recommended by vets worldwide.


Hill’s promises 100% satisfaction or your money back.  The Stews are available exclusively at veterinary outlets around South Africa, at a price of between R14 to R38 a can. For information ask your vet or contact Hill’s on 0800 228 783 / infoza@hillspet.com.

Why not visit www.HillsTransformingLives.co.za for hundreds of real, heart-warming stories that testify to the power of nutrition or join their community passionate about pets on Facebook www.hillspet.co.za/facebook and Twitter www.twitter.com/HillsPetSA #HillsStews.


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