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Scheckter’s New Green Tea Range

Last week I attended the launch of the new Scheckter’s Organic green tea range at Chanel Bettison Hair and Beauty Salon. The new flavours taste amazing, and here’s everything you need to know…

Scheckter’s Organic Beverages (the world’s first 100% natural and organic energy drink) have added two new flavours, Mint Green Tea and Ginger Green Tea to its Energy Drink range.  The Ginger Green Tea is flavored with organic ginger extract and the Mint, with organic spearmint extract.



What’s great about Scheckter’s is that it’s the natural and healthy alternative to most common energy drinks, as it doesn’t contain artificial additives and preservatives. By adding green tea (a product widely renowned for its powerful antioxidant and cholesterol reducing properties), the energy drink not only tastes unique but offers you more than just a kick of energy when you’re feeling tired.

At the launch we were served delicious Scheckter’s cocktails mixed with vodka, a slice of lemon and a raspberry, they tasted delicious and the Mint Green Tea is my favourite!


Every can of Scheckter’s contains the perfect combination of organic and natural ingredients to provide you a sustained energy boost. Both Scheckter’s Original and LITE contain 80mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a good quality cup of expresso coffee. However, unlike mainstream energy drinks, their ingredients are natural and not synthetic so with Scheckter’s you avoid the ‘rush and crash’ often associated with energy drinks.




When to drink Scheckter’s?

Morning: A kick start to your morning.
Afternoon: A refreshing drink to get you through the dreaded afternoon slump.
Workout: A great companion to provide an extra boost of energy before or after exercise.
Evening: A tasty mixer for an evening drink.




Although the new Green Tea product is exclusive to Woolworths until early next year, all other products in the Scheckter’s range are currently available at Pick n Pay, Dischem, Clicks, Makro, Spar, Kauai, Food Lovers Market, Fruit and Veg City and Wellness Warehouse.


For further information on the brand, visit www.schecktersorganic.com



  1. Hi Love

    I love this post. Great images and awesome information.

    Looks like you all had an amazing time, great to see some familiar faces in the pics too 🙂
    Hope there is a similar launch in Durban at some point? Unless I’ve missed it 🙁

    By the sounds of things, I could do with a case of these right now! And so glad that everything is so organic and people have taken attention to detail about the product that they are producing.

    A must on my next shopping list………


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