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Best Guys To Follow On Snapchat

Today I thought I’d share my top favourite guys to follow on Snapchat. From photographers and comedians to actors and travel bloggers. Here are some of the best guys to follow on Snapchat.

PS: I’ve listed each guy by their snapchat name so sit back, open your app and add away!

1) sherif-fayed


Travel blogger and cutie pie of note! Sherif is always on the go, visiting unique places and meeting amazing people. I love following him because he actively tries to make his snapchat story fun and interesting, I’m mean yeah, sometimes he speaks in a different language and I don’t understand what’s going on, but he’s all about spreading positivity and I love that!

2) anselelgort


Better know for playing Caleb Prior in The Divergent Series and Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars. Ansel recently popped up on snapchat like “Hey guys, I just remembered I registered for snapchat ages ago, so I picked my own name before anyone else could”.

Ansel is a total babe and usually snaps his life traveling around the world and DJ’ing at parties as Ansolo. Follow him for the cute selfies of him smiling and please, if you haven’t watched The Fault in Our Stars yet, go and watch it right now.

3) thetblackburn


Tyler Blackburn AKA Caleb from Pretty Little Liars. I actually think the only reason Tyler got snapchat is because his co-star Ashley Benson is so obsessed with it. Tyler has such a cool vibe and sometimes snaps on set, so if you’re a PLL fan, you  should definitely follow him.

4) dapper29


Comedian known as Dapper Laughs, who I’ll admit isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea – don’t let your  kids watch his snaps and don’t watch his snaps next to your grandma either.

What I love about Dapper is that he does these really short and very well planned comedy skits on snapchat and it’s worth watching every time!

5) hobsyboy


I’ve loved Hobbie Stuart for years, literally years!! He’s a singer/songwriter/youtuber/hottie/my boyfriend in my dreams. He’s not on snapchat as much as I would like him to be, but when he is, it’s totally worth it, plus he’s got a voice of an angel.

6) kobikw


Last but certainly not least, is photographer Kobi Walsh, who is currently studying in Paris and making us all jealous with his gorgeous snaps of the city. We see you eating baguettes Kobi and we’re all jealous! Basically living my dream life, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so you should definitely follow him if you’re keen to catch a glimpse of Paris and while you’re at it, why not check out Kobi’s Facebook page and website!


And that’s it, my top 6 for the moment! I’m sure I’m forgetting some people and if you know anyone that I should be following, please tweet me (@LipstickLife_) and share the hotness!

Also you can find me on snapchat, username: lisafortuin … so add me if you’d like to see lot’s of snaps of my kitten and hear me chat about beauty products.



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