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Food Fantasy by CNC Products

Run by a mother and daughter team, Charlene Shapiro and Kerry Hoffman of CNC Products, source and supply everything from nuts and sweets to salmon trout and bar snacks with an impressive client base that encompasses some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry, such as The One and Only, The Twelve Apostles Hotels’ and local foodie gems like Jason’s Bakery and Bistro. 



CNC and Food Fantasy, prides itself on sourcing the best products available and catering personally to their customers with a keen attention to detail. A few weeks ago I received this box of treats from CNC Products and those of you who follow me on snapchat know that I absolutely loved everything I received, with my special favourite being that caramel popcorn you see in the pics!


So, what’s the story behind CNC Products? Well….

Once upon a time – in the 80’s, retired Louis & Lena were dining at one of their favourite restaurants. Famously warm and outgoing, the couple had become close friends with the chefs of their regular spots. Now it is important to note that a retired “smous,” is still a “smous,” and on this particular night, after great conversation with one of the chefs,  Louis decided that he would step up to find and supply them with the salmon of which they were desperately in need. And so, as a hobby, or perhaps, as a part time pleasure of an ageing entrepreneur, CNC, named after their three children, came to life. Many years later and keeping with the traditions of a family business, Charlene and daughter Kerry have taken the reigns of CNC Products and still supply the top hotels and restaurants of Cape Town.


For more information visit the websiste www.cncproducts.co.za or follow them on Facebook if you’re in the mood to drool over the delicious pictures they post. 


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