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TeAwesome Tea & Juice Bar

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of TeAwesome, a new Tea & Juice Bar in Claremont (opposite Cavendish Square, just a few stores down from Food Lovers). TeAwesome is a traditional Taiwanese Tea and Juice Bar that promises no artificial anything! What I love about them is that they refuses to use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of their products and they’re still able to get their food and drinks tasting great!

Teawesome launch 4

TeAwesome makes it their mission to source the best tea from all over the world and they make sure that customers get the healthy ingredients they require to live a healthy lifestyle. Not to be confused with bubble tea, they have some delicious and unique flavours like “Taro Milk Tea” and “Mango Blue Tea”. PLUS, let’s not forget their vegan cupcakes and “wachew” which is basically just a chewy waffle that’s yummy and sweet and comes in a variety of flavours. Check out their price list here.



Like Teawesome on Facebook or pop into the store to give one of their teas a try. I also really liked the blogpost “The Jam Jar” did on her site and you can find the link to that here (ps: give her a follow because she’s super cute and I’m obsessed with her blog). 

Here’s a little infographic about Teawesome if you’re still curious.


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