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Everything I’m planning for Halloween

So for past few weeks I’ve been searching the internet for fun and simple idea’s for Halloween. I’m not going all out and having a huge party, but I’ll definitely be having an evening get together to celebrate and I thought I’d share all my tips and idea’s with you guys so you can try some of these for yourselves and celebrate Halloween with me. 

I’ve divided my plans into four sections, food, decorations, games and movies.

So let’s start with food. I chose things that are really simple to do and also recipes with similar ingredients to save costs. The only problem I have right now is that I’ve got a lot of sweet things on this list and I’m really struggling to find savoury Halloween inspired food.

I’ve made sure to link everything below so you can find all the recipes in case you want to try something out.


1. Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs
2. Strawberry Ghosts
3. Spider Infested Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Jack-o-lantern Cheese Burgers 


5. Gingerbread Skeletons
6. Evil Eyeball drinks
7. Halloween Monster Treats
8. Graveyard pudding cups


9. Jack-o-lantern Fruit Cups
Owl Cupcakes
11. Carved Pineapple – this will contribute to decor and games

12. Carved Pumpkin – this will also contribute to decor and games

I’ve also made a note to stop by Woolworths to pick up some of their Halloween treats

Now for the decor, again it’s all very quick and easy and I’m still busy looking for other fun printables to use on the day.


1. DIY Bats
Shadow Makers
3. Ghost balloons – these are pretty self explanatory

4. Spider Ice Blocks – I love this idea, it instantly turns a drink into a creepy cup filled with spiders

For games I’m thinking of doing something simple like Pictionary or Charades, but with Halloween words, and I haven’t decided which movie/movies we’ll watch yet, but I know I want it to be something that’s not THAT scary because I’m the girl who dreams of the scary movies after watching it and I’d rather not put myself through that.

Feel free to comment or tweet me @LipstickLife_ and let me know if you have any good movie suggestions or if you know of recipes, games or decor ideas that I missed out on.



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