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3 Day Juice Cleanse

A few weeks ago everyone at work got the flu and I felt like the entire office was coughing around me, vitamins and orange juice wasn’t going to cut it any more, I needed to do something drastic! I stumbled onto a few blogs that spoke about how great it is to do a juice cleanse and how it’s the ultimate pick me up – helps fights colds, boosts energy, takes away headaches, everything I needed!

So I googled juice cleanse companies around Cape Town and literally fell off my chair when I saw the price of a juice cleanse for 3 days, I didn’t even glance at the price of the 7 day cleanse! My second instinct was to google “DIY juice cleanses” which is probably what I should have done in the first place. Turns out doing a juice cleanse doesn’t have to cost the earth and there’s lot’s of tips and good advice on the internet.


After a little looking around I found this great site: VeganCooking.com. What I love about Vegan Cooking is that it gives you a shopping list and all the recipes, making life so much easier. Luckily for me we’ve got a juicer and a blender at home which is an essential for these recipes.

My next stop was fruit and veg, I printed out my shopping list and was prepared to buy every fruit and vegetable in sight! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my total came to around R300, with everything I grabbed I was scared I’d end up paying the R 1 000 I would have paid if I had just bought the ready made juice cleanse. Fruit and veg was having a really cool sale when I went, R10 for a bunch of kale, R5 for four beets, R5 for a bunch of parsley, R15 for two pineapples –  you get the idea.

Once all the shopping was done the real work could begin and no one said it would be easy right? If you want to venture on this juice cleanse then you need to be prepared to chop and peel and juice and blend for a solid 3 hours, well I didn’t exactly time myself but I know it took a really long time to finally juice everything, eventually my boyfriend and I developed a system, one person washes the other juices then we’d switch.

It is best to prepare your body for a juice cleanse at least 2-3 days in advance. This means eliminating red meat, caffeine, alcohol, and processed sugar. The more you can focus your diet on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains – the better your body will be prepared for the cleanse and the better the results. The day before you start, try to eat fruits and vegetables exclusively as possible. – VeganCooking.com

Saturday was day 1 for me, starting off with a green spinach based drink which turned out to be my favourite drink out of the 6. All the drinks tasted really good, the only one I didn’t like was the dinner beetroot drink, this one was red, no but like red red, like blood red, like I was a vampire drinking blood – and for those of you who like to eat a lot of beetroot would know, it turns your pee red as well, sooo that was scary. Anyway, day 1 was a good day and who knew you can go an entire day without eating food and just drinking juice.

Day 2 and I knew what to expect, I knew my juice routine and which time I had to drink what juice, you could basically call me a pro at this juice cleanse business. Not gona lie and say I woke up feeling different and energized, I woke up feeling pretty normal. Around lunch time I decided I wanted to eat something, not because I was hungry but because I wanted something to chew on. This isn’t a competition you guys, if you’re doing a juice cleanse and you feel like you need to eat then eat something! I opted for some strawberries and a peanut butter and banana sandwich.


I expected day 3 to be the hardest because I woke up at 6am for work and had my first juice really early but it turned out okay, the girls at work tried out some of the juice and loved it. By this day I was so over drinking juice, when would this juice cleanse end? When would I be able to eat pizza like a normal person? Surprisingly I had lot’s of juice left over because the recipes make a bit more than 3 glasses. So day 3 ended with a juice cleanse feast aka me drinking all the juice in sight.

The Tuesday after my weekend juice cleanse, we decided to get burger king in the office for lunch (big mistake) I ate a burger, which first of all was out of the norm for me because I usually eat vegetarian food and secondly it’s advised to not eat red meat for a few days after doing a juice cleanse. But to hell with that! All I did for the last few days was drink juice, I deserved this burger and the fries and the extra cheese and the large cooldrink to go with it! An hour after lunch I had the worlds worst stomach pains, to the point where I couldn’t even concentrate anymore. It was bad you guys,and lasted for hours. That night I didn’t eat supper. 

After completing your juice detox, eat light and healthy.

For example:

  1. Day one after the fast eat only fruits and vegetables.
  2. Day two , add brown rice, eggs and yoghurt.
  3. Day three, add chicken, fish or meat.

Use your juice detox experience to create new, healthy eating habits!


I didn’t get the flu that week after my juice cleanse, I think it was just the boost my body needed and I honestly felt so good while doing the cleanse, my body felt slimmer and less bloated. I can’t wait to do this juice cleanse again or maybe try a different one, it’s something I could do every month and it’s really affordable so I have no reason not to make it a constant thing.


Viva la Juice Cleanse!


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